Bank Drive Success!

:hyperdrums: The guild bank drive has ended! :hyperdrums:

Wow! What an awesome 45 days. We’ve accomplished so much as a guild working together to provide for everyone going into the next tier.

:siren: Winners :siren:

🏆 Dayar 45,225 points — $100 cash or 6,000g

🥈 Cheeky 20,642 points — $50 cash or 3,000g

🥉 Valrakk 5,407 points — $25 cash or 1,500g

Winners please reach out to Punt to let me know your pleasure for prize. I can do cash, crypto, a gift card, or in-game gold. Results of the bank drive– Total gold donated: 77,144 Raw gold donated: 55,377 Bonus items gold: 21,767 Our guild bank has been stocked completely, and we have a significant surplus of cash & consumables (2 bank alts worth.) I suspect we’ll make it through Sunwell without needing to do another major drive. That said, keep it up — everything helps.

Please send me feedback — did you like the drive? why did you participate? why not? what would motivate you to participate in future drives, etc??